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Care-a-Lot daycare is a fully licensed family group daycare that has been in business for over 10 years. A family group means that there are at least two caregivers and up to 16 children a day. We adhere to all guidelines and rules of being licensed and beyond. We have multiple visits from our licensor throughout the year. We are enrolled in C&W Inc. Food programs, which means that we have strict guidelines for the food we serve and are monitored multiple times a year, both announced and unannounced. All caregivers attend over 20 hours of training a year in order to continue learning and put into effect the best practices for early childhood education.


Danielle Wooldridge is the owner and operator of Care-a-Lot Daycare. She became employed at Care-a-Lot in 2007. She trained under Shoshanna Johnson the creator of Care-a-Lot Daycare. After years of training and developing a deep love for working with children the business was passed on to her. Danielle plans to maintain the high standard of quality care Shoshanna provided and continuously keep improving. Her goal is to have one of the best in home daycares in the area. She is currently working on her early childhood education degree and is continuously taking childhood classes through the state. She attends and participates in meetings that effect rules and regulations regarding licensing and other issues regarding to childcare. 

Stacey Harnois -

"We as first time parents have peace of mind while we are away from our son. We dont worry as we know he is in good hands. Very open and approachable are Shoshanna, Jason and Danielle!! Thank you so much for giving us your time and talents to make such a special place for our children to be during the day so things are easier for us working parents!!!"

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